Recent 006 – So COO (InvestmentNews)


Reaching a little further back now for some ‘recent’ work to show. This cover illustration I did was for the November 2013 issue of InvestmentNews (Art Director: David Stokes) and is a bit of an oddity as far as purity of style goes. It’s not quite HI-FI and it’s not quite AXIOM. It just sort of needed to be it’s own thing to achieve a solution. David is a great Art Director. I’ve worked with him a handful of times now over a couple of years and appreciate his easy going approach and (BONUS!) he always seems to pick the concepts I like best! InvestmentNews has the fastest turn of all the other assignments I normal land. I don’t mind a the push, as long as the article has enough meat on the bone to feed a couple good initial concepts. I guess what is most interesting to me is how a tight turn can extract a level of focus you normally don’t realize you are capable of.

I am privileged to say I am currently working again for David on a brand new piece which I look forward to sharing in a future post, after the magazine is out. Thanks David!

ALSO: Shout out to (legend) James Yang, whose (partial) image is also on the cover above!