Recent 001 – Children’s Ministry Q&A

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With my first posts here I am playing a bit of catch-up with recent work. This set of illustrations for my good friend RoseAnne Sather at Children’s Ministry Magazine is from the May/June 2014 issue. These illustrations are done in the CRUSH style. Discipline Q&A is a re-occuring questions and answers section that has Sunday school teachers asking experts how to handle classroom situations that they deal with. Although I feel for the teachers dealing with the problems… I always get a kick out of illustrating little kids losing it or acting out in some way! Sorry, teachers! At least I hope I bring some humor to the problems! The issues here in order are: (1) What do I do about an elementary child who sneaks out of class and roams the church during services? (2) How do I handle a group of sixth-grade boys who are disruptive and disrespectful, to the point where they started chanting “No more rules!” during small group? (3) One preschooler cries whenever his parent comes to pick him up. How should I handle this?

Thank you RoseAnne! I love, love, love doing these!