Personal 001 – Sketchbook (Sept 2010 – Jan 2011) Pt 1

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For years I had a problem with sketchbooks. I couldn’t bring myself to draw in them. They were too perfect. I would open them up preparing to draw in them and I would freeze. (What if I make a terrible first drawing?) I didn’t want to ruin them – each page was a bright white canyon, daring me to make the first misstep.

Eventually, after a lot of intentional work, I was able to stop deifying my sketchbooks and instead, begin to open myself up in them. I began to not be afraid of making mistakes, in fact they were the places were I began to make definite discoveries… usually through my mistakes.

This is a small journal: 3 1/2  x 5 1/2  Moleskine

It contains images from Sept 2010 – Jan 2011