Blog 004 – Let It Rain!

IMAGE: An older (not extremely popular) style of mine called DRAGER. Group Magazine | Art Director: Joel Armstrong.

My little town of Loveland, CO sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Last year, in September, we (along with every other town along the front range, spanning from Fort Collins down to Colorado Springs) were hit with a flood, the likes of which we had never seen in this state. It came without warning. We watched as days and days of sustained drizzle and rain slowly accumulated a record amount of rainfall and then eventually, devastatingly, overwhelmed the region.

There was loss of life and widespread damage to property up and down the front range and beyond. Our little town was actually cut in half by a flooded river. Some towns were completely cut off and isolated.

And while the flood was an enormous challenge for the region, it provided something that we in Colorado had been missing for a long time: water.

This year seems different weather-wise. It’s seems like something has changed. This summer it seems a little wetter, but so far not dangerously so. And you can feel a difference. Things are greener – more alive.

For the last who knows how long, this region has been in drought. But not so much this year. Our snow pack was 50% above normal and there was worry that we could be in for another calamity. But people got busy and got things cleaned up from the flood and made better decisions, and so far it seems like the region has been able to deal with all the excess water. An enormous tip of the hat to all the people here who have worked their tails off to not only preparing for the future, but also clean up from the past.

And so, finally, the comparison to my situation here. Whereas a couple days ago I was sharing about the drought I was in… now, I have work! After 7 weeks of almost nearly NOTHING! I have work!

But more than that. There are other things, good things, that seem to be forming on the horizon. Little showers. A break. Then more little showers. Possibilities. Hope.

So right now, for me, there is some work. Which is like beautiful sweet rain on this parched Earth around my feet! FINALLY!

And while I am not asking for a flood to come settle over my head, if it were to come in… my banks could contain it, or at least I believe they could. Because for years they have been being prepared, and they’ve been waiting, hoping to be put to the test. And while I am excited to get back to work, and there is rain falling – I dream about even greater change! Maybe a whole new weather pattern… a brand new landscape.

So, as I said before… I am sharing my experience as it is. Welcome to the up and down of being a creative at this time and place in my life. Thanks for following along.